Your US-taxpayer-funded IMF dollars and US Federal Reserve swap lines at work

In the welfare state of the absurd:

Greece’s Categorization of Pedophilia as ‘Disability’ Sparks Outrage

Disabled people in Greece are furious over a plan by the Athens government to categorize pedophiles, pyromaniacs, fetishists, exhibitionists, compulsive gamblers, kleptomaniacs, sado-masochists, among others, as “disabled,” suggesting such groups may also be eligible to receive state benefits.

The country’s Labor Ministry explained that it consulted with a panel of medical experts to include people with behavioral disorders to widen the definition of “disability.” However, it added that the categorization does not necessarily mean they will all be entitled to state benefits.

Now excuse me while I go to Greece, strip naked and start a fire, and retire on two disabilities. HT: T-Dub.


Anonymous said...

If I'm hung on collecting toenail clippings, does that qualify?

SarahB said...

If this is how the Government handles economic collapse, they deserve to fall into the ocean. Who needs any of that in the gene pool?!!

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