Guest post: California Teachers' Union protects child molesters

[Ed. note: I rarely publish guest posts, but this is an important issue and Christine Young is absolutely right.  In fact, I'd been meaning to post on this very issue myself.]

As a mom of four children in public school here in California, I’m disgusted with how special interest groups like the teachers’ union always put our children last, behind their bloated paychecks and pension benefits. But now they’ve gone too far.  Just recently, the California Teachers Association killed a bill in the legislature that would have made it easier for school boards to fire teachers who are known child molesters!
It’s almost too hard to believe, but watch this CNN expose about how the teachers union conspired to keep perverts like this veteran Los Angeles area teacher in the classroom (also see this LA Weekly article).

That’s why we need reform like Prop 32, which is on the November ballot. We have to stop the special interest money that keeps these groups powerful and detached from doing what’s best for our children. The measure addresses the special interests' control of government and returns power to Californians by limiting both corporate and union political giving.

Here is what it does:

1. Bans both corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates

2. Bans contributions by government contractors to the politicians who award their contracts

3. Bans automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government of employees’ wages to be used for politics

Of course, the opponents of the measure are spreading lies about how cops, firemen, teachers, et al are against 32, but keep in mind it’s only the union leadership that is against the measure. I know plenty of teachers who don’t like what their union does and certainly don’t want sexual predators in our classrooms!

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-Christine Young is the mom behind the popular parenting blog FromDatestoDiapers.com, where she shares about life with seven little ones, offers advice and encouragement, and writes her thoughts and opinions on some of the greatest products on the market – those that make family life FUN.


Negocios Loucos said...

Teacher's unions are pure mafia criminals. I can't imagine what I'd do if my child was fed semen and blind folded. I can't believe this state, I can't believe how evil these people are.

san diego tax attorney said...

This is absolutely ridiculous! Strict action should be taken.

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.