Culture shock

Things I noticed upon returning to the US from Australia:

1. You can ride a bike without a helmet.
2. You can talk on a cell phone while you drive.
3. You can buy alcohol in a grocery store.
4. Employers will consider hiring you even if "you don't have any Australian experience."
5. You can get breakfast for less than $6.
6. Don't even bother trying to buy rounds in a pub. You'll just confuse people.
7. The bus drivers are not as polite, and won't make change, but the buses are cheaper and they have "transfers," so that you don't have to pay twice if you change buses.
8. Mexican food is a staple, not an exotic night out.
9. American newspapers, while still incredibly shoddy, seem like great reporting compared to the Australian papers which cover nothing well other than fashion, celebrities, and sports.
10. A job as a lifeguard is seen as a good way to make some money and be at the beach all summer, not as entry into a cult of local heroes.
11. Customer service call centers are open past 5pm, and the customer isn't always wrong.

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