Draft Condi!

The National Review writes about draft movements for the 2008 election.

The Schwarzenegger story is neither a draft nor a plausible possibility. Schwarzenegger would love to be President, but a Constitutional amendment will not happen.

The Draft Condi movement, though, could work:

U.S. News and World Report’s Washington Whispers recently reported an unnamed associate of Rice’s saying she could be drawn into running under the right conditions.

I agree entirely with Crystal Dueker and Richard Mason's characterizations of Dr. Rice's appeal:

Dueker says she was drawn to support Rice because of her experience in foreign affairs along with the lack of a clear GOP frontrunner. “If Dick Cheney were running, I would support him. He has the most qualifications. But since he is not running, that leaves Condi as the most qualified candidate. Diplomacy. Her work in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Kuwait has made dramatic improvements already. Condi’s fingerprints are all over that.”

Mason describes Rice as something of a fusion candidate: one with conservative principles and the ability to win friends across the globe while satisfying American interests.

“This is really a chance for Republicans to change perceptions of the party both at home and globally. The Washington insider knows Republicans have a much more diverse roster than they get credit for. But for the casual political observer, this could change everything. People like Dr. Rice are the future of the party,” Mason said.

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