Condi update

Last night on Communist Radio, I heard a discussion of life inside the State Department. The State Department's Foreign Service workers have a reputation of living in walled compounds in the countries where they work, and not interacting with the locals. Condoleezza Rice is trying to change all that. She's working to get Foreign Service workers more engaged with the people in the communities where they work.

Dr. Rice is also raising the priority of fostering democracy around the world. Instead of the defensive, security-focused State Department of the past, Dr. Rice wants a proactive State Department working to create a better world. It's not just the principled thing to do. It's also pragmatically the best direction, to improve the image of the US abroad while creating more stability around the world.

Meanwhile, the Draft Condi campaign goes on at full steam. Condi is focused on her current assignment and won't talk about the Presidency, but there's a lot of enthusiasm for her candidacy.

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