France is so screwed. Angry Muslims have been rioting for a week. But this is just a preview of things to come. The immigrant Muslim underclass is unemployed, unassimilated, and growing, while France's overall population stagnates.

France has a history of appeasing Islamic fascists around the world. Most recently, they supported the quasi-Islamic but extremely fascist Saddam Hussein and protected him from enforcement of UN resolutions. Now the Islamic fascist issue is hitting a bit close to home. I'm sure France will be as accomodating to this wave of fascists as they were to those visitors in the 1940's.

The French speak condescendingly of American capitalism, while the stagnation and unemployment caused by France's socialist economic policies is creating not only poverty but violence.

At least you have to give them credit for self-awareness. Even before the riots, two out of three French people agreed that France sucks.

This is a terrible thing, especially for the victims, like the disabled lady set on fire or the paramedics pelted with rocks while trying to help a sick person. The people of France are reaping what their corrupt, arrogant, and socialist politicians have sown for years.

But Islam means peace!

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