A modest proposal

If Democrats who know nothing about economics propose a windfall tax on energy companies, why not a windfall tax on homebuilders?

Homes are far more overpriced than gasoline.

What's more, this greedy corporate behavior is destroying the American Dream of homeownership. Affordability measures are at all time lows, meaning that in many areas an average-income family can't afford to buy an average house.

Why attack energy companies? The American Dream is not commuting 60 miles each way in an S.U.V.

So while average families either can't afford a home, or are pushed into suicidal variable-rate and interest-only mortgages, the fatcat homebuilders are lining their pockets with billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains. Here's how a typical homebuilder has done compared to ExxonMobil and the S&P 500:

Where's the outrage?

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Anonymous said...

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