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Sam Alito supports free speech, according to the First Amendment Center:

A preliminary examination of his First Amendment opinions suggests that Alito is: (1) quite protective of several categories of expression, including religious and commercial expression; (2) far less protective of First Amendment claims raised by prisoners; (3) guardedly protective of First Amendment rights in defamation cases, and (4) generally concerned about prior restraints on expression.

Overall, his opinions suggest he is scholarly in his approach to deciding such cases, and sensitive to precedent but nonetheless capable of working around it when he deems necessary.

The article goes on to cite Alito smacking down school speech codes, college newspaper ad bans, anti-Muslim-beard police department rules, school censorship of a kindergartner's religious drawing, and police department gag orders.

It ain't exactly John Roberts and the hapless toad, but it's solid.

Thanks to TalkLeft.

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