California Budget $8 Billion Short

That didn't take long, did it? Only a few weeks from passing the emergency budget that raised our taxes while at the same time adding to the state's debt, this comes out:

California’s revenue over the next 16 months will fall at least $8 billion short of what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers assumed when they passed a budget in February, the state’s fiscal analyst said.

The shortfall would leave California with a $6 billion deficit by June 2010, after a $2 billion budget reserve is spent, state Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor said in a report to lawmakers today. The shortfall would grow to $12 billion in the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2010, he said.

So I ask - WHAT HAPPENED? I thought we as tax payers of the state were going to make the sacrifice to cover the deficit. I was told that I would personally pay $1000 MORE A YEAR because of this budget deficit and now it seems they are going to need more of my money?!? WTF?!?

Say Uncle, please chime in here. You were communicating that time was short and we needed to trust our politicians. We needed to let them pass this emergency measure with the promise that they would fix the problem in the future. Well now we know they didn't fix it and they have had over 40 weeks to work on it. How much you want to bet the same thing that happened this time is going to happen next time? Every year they scare us, raise our taxes and call for unity. The only unity I see is the unity of the politicians deciding to take more of my money.

The second my career allows me to leave the socialist, bankrupt state, I will be gone! It's literally not worth it.

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