Some SoCal newspapers get it, part 2

While some accuse the Los Angeles Times of unquestioningly parroting lies, the Times continues to do its job (albeit in an ever-shrinking format). In a front page article today, the Times digs into corruption by Dems (and, at the end of the article, a couple of Rs) who hire relatives and friends for bogus consulting jobs.

State Sen. Rod Wright (D-Inglewood) was paid at least $27,900 by the state Senate last year for miscellaneous tasks as he was campaigning for his current job. And Californians pay Marisela Villar, daughter of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, $68,000 annually as a field representative for Democrats.

Lawmakers have broad powers to hire whomever they wish, and those they employ need not go through the Civil Service exam process that requires applicants to compete for jobs on merit. Some are paid as consultants, with vague responsibilities or assignments. Others have titles that bear little relationship to what they actually do.

Sure, the shenanigans in this exposé are small potatoes. But this is the kind of stuff that traditional news organizations have excelled at. Hopefully, they'll be around for a long time to keep holding those in power accountable.

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