Lesbotism at the FDIC?

You know that no one appreciates the sapphic arts more than I do, and no one is more supportive of people's right to choose their own lifestyle.

But look at:

1) how ridiculous it is for a bankrupt federal agency to hire celebrity shills,
2) cheesy huckster Suze Orman's lies about her bio, and
3) Sheila Bair

and you have to wonder, is Orman's FDIC gig a result of Lesbotism?
sheila bair lesbian suze orman

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Anonymous said...

Now that's interesting. Suze Orman and her staff are incompetent idiots.

She was doing a segment on net worth on her show where week after week she deducted the mortgage twice, once on the asset side and added in again on the liability side, understating net worth by the mortgage amount.

She is a fraud. I emailed her show and asked how embarrassing it was to show your idiocy in public....she quit doing it, never apologized to her mislead clients or even acknowledged her errors.

Happy Super Tuesday!