Just won't sell: 144 North Rios Avenue, Solana Beach 140 N. Rios 144 N. Rios 146 N. Rios

Some joker is trying to sell condos at 144 N. Rios in Solana Beach 92075 for more than $1.5 million.

The place has been listed for 8 months and still no action. It's in a complex with three other units, and it's not clear if any of them have sold. This is a town where houses over $1 million are having trouble selling. Good luck trying to sell a condo for $1.5 million.

Just one example: this place, a quarter mile south, is a real house, not a condo, has better views, an actual yard, and is not across the street from a strip mall. You make the call: $1.3 million for the house, or $1.5 million for the condo?

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