American Muscle Cars Rock!

Liberal Week day 2 - The American Car Industry is Back..and its name is CAMARO
Sub-title - It don't get no better than this

The demise of the American car industry has been greatly exaggerated. How can I say this, well its easy, look no further than the new Chevy Camaro. Nothing says I rock like a rock star car like this muscle beauty.

While the stupid and weak Japanese, Korean and German firms work on these weak examples of vehicular technology:
1. Honda Insight
2. Toyota Prius
3. VW Jetta TDI
4. Hyundai Genesis

America is taking back the industry and giving America what made America great, RAW MUSCLE BABY! Because while no other foreign company is beating this drum, that's because no other company gets it. America wants muscle, wants speed, and wants BALLS. And nothing says balls like having your instrument panel down by the stick shift so your eyes have to totally leave the road to see the metrics being presented.

So America, enjoy your birthright! Fast cars and loose women! Hybrids and "technology" are for pussies!

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