Heidi DeJong Barsuglia: an alleged highly paid prostitute* for Sempra Energy

Assemblyman Mike Duvall, a married "family values" Republican, just resigned after being caught on tape bragging about an affair with a lobbyist. Was it the fact that he was co-chair of the Utilities and Commerce Committee and she worked for a utility, or was it love?

You make the call.

This is a photo of Heidi DeJong Barsuglia, reportedly the lobbyist in question.

This is a photo of Assemblyman Mike Duvall.

Any questions?

Every time you pay your SDG&E bill, a portion of your money is going to send (alleged) hookers disguised as lobbyists to (allegedly) have sex with legislators.

Oh yeah, and Heidi is married, too. Her husband might not want to read about the dripping.

* I apologize for the title. It is demeaning to the prostitution business, which is an honest and voluntary exchange between consenting adults. It should not be associated with the corruption and bribery of public officials.

UPDATE: In fairness to Ms. Barsuglia, it's possible that this was all a tall tale by a dirty old man. However, the fact that she isn't making high-profile public demands for a full retraction and confession by Duvall speaks volumes.

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