No Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!

Florida Congressman Grayson has been mentioned on this blog before. His questioning of the Federal Reserve fantastic. But just when you think there's a guy in Congress who might actually "get it", he goes and pulls something like this: Saying the Republicans' plan "is for you to Die Quickly". Seriously, Mr. Grayson, go ahead and disagree with the other party, promote your side. Fight for your cause. Please keep fighting for transparency at the Fed. But really? You've gotta go and make some of the most idiotic statements we've seen come out of that body in a long time while you're at it?

He had a chance to step back from those comments later, but instead, he went further down the road of lunacy, invoking the Holocaust itself as he tried to describe the current Health Care situation! I worry this man will make himself into a laughing stock and give Fed-lovers a way to make him out to be an irrelevant kook, when really he's one of the only Congressman asking the right questions of the right people!

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