Ken Lewis' fingerprints all over Diane Ward crime scene

... figuratively, that is. (Don't sue me, Kenny Boy, but then you've got enough legal problems of your own these days, doncha?)

We have more details in the latest case of Greenspan's Body Count.

J. Robert (Bob) Ward, who either shot Diane Ward or was present when she shot herself, was apparently in trouble with Bank of America.

Someone in Charlotte (headquarters of a certain very large bank run by a cowardly and stupid country bumpkin) apparently knows the backstory and arrived here this evening by Googling "j robert ward to appear at bank of america w/financial records". Yeah, you're probably pretty much free to schedule something else in that time slot, BofA dude! But thanks for tipping us of that it was you guys who made all those bad loans to Bob Ward.

While we're at it, I found this case where a Richard W. McWhorter (presumably this Atlanta developer) was suing Bob for fraud. Sorry, Dick, but you're not going to get much out of that case.

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