Obama Finally explains his true political philosophy

I'm trying to find the actual video clip, but last Sunday in one of his 36 interviews that day, Obama actually said to George Stephanopoulos, "I have no interest in expanding the Federal Government". That's almost verbatim, but I can't seem to find that one tiny quote. But I heard him say something almost exactly like that. And he's been saying it since February 2009. So it begs many questions, the most important of which might be:

What do you think all those people who generally side with Democrats because of the popular and cleverly cynical notion that "at least the Democrats are honest and upfront about taxing you to death and stealing from you. The Republicans are sneaky about it" are thinking now?

Let's look at Obama's main initiatives/pieces of legislation:
-Cap and Trade expands Government.
-Health Care Reform, as the Dems are proposing, Expands government to the point where it will take over fully 1/6th of our entire economy (represented by the Health Care sector).
-The Stimulus Bill Expanded government to the point where he quadrupled the annual deficit.
-"Card Check" legislation (temporarily dropped) expands government.
-Cash For Clunkers expanded government.
-Taking over GM expanded government, even though Obama used words that are exactly the opposite of what he did ("I have no interest in taking over GM").
-Taking over major financial institutions expanded government.

I could go on, and I might update. But either the man is parsing words with Clintonian precision, and what he really means is, "I have no interest in expanding government because my main goal is to collapse it, and bring about socialist 'change' in its place", or we all have to ask ourselves, and ask our friends, "What ELSE does Obama NOT have an interest in doing as president?"

This man repeatedly says the opposite of what he does. It's a deliberate tactic meant to confuse us, the voters, so that we think he's more reasonable than he is (as if that's new). He wants us so confused that we decide not to pay attention anymore. He wants us voters to think to ourselves, "What? Obama cut medicare? I thought he wanted to enlarge government's role in health care? I guess he's not so bad if he's cutting it." "What? Obama is working hard to cut the deficit? I thought he expanded the deficit. He must not be that bad."

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