Friday morning reality slap - W.C. Varones

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Friday morning reality slap

3 comments: said...

Bonner makes some good points as ususl. It would be interesting to see the immigration numbers for the past couple of years to see what kind of demand there's been for coming to the United States.

Independent Accountant said...

I have been saying similar things for decades.


wcv said...


I met an Australian immigrant to America last year who was packing up and moving back to flee Obamanation. He said he'd lived under a dictatorship in Africa once and wasn't about to stick around for what's happening here.

Forward-looking Americans should look into getting Canadian residency before the SHTF. Costa Rica and other Latin American countries could also be safe havens if you can get in.


I didn't recognize it until recently. The nation's fiscal path seemed correctable until Bush and especially Obama.

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