Happy Independence Day!

I'd love to be able to put up an upbeat, patriotic post like B-Daddy.

But in these dark times, I just don't feel it. We've got police goon squads murdering innocent people in their homes, the TSA molesting children and taking diapers off of elderly invalids, an imperial President waging illegal war on Libya, and an unaccountable Federal Reserve that destroyed the economy with easy money now claiming to be its savior with easy money.

Given where we are today, the song I feel is Neal Fox's beautiful We're All Gonna Be There.

I'm still in love with the America our founding fathers gave us, with the idea of America. But the country we live in isn't that America any more. Maybe we can get that America back. But it's going to take a lot of work from a fat, complacent populace. Resist the TSA. Vote out the warmongers and Ruling Class. End the Fed. If not for your own sake, for the children.

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