Extreme poverty in the USA

Tulsa World:

Cell phone? Check.
Satellite TV? Check.
Enough food to get fat? Check.

Extreme poverty is a real bitch.


K T Cat said...

You're being insensitive. Those shoes were way behind the fashion curve.

Anonymous said...

Phone could be one of those walmart prepaid jobs, the Sat dish may be for the entire complex, and yes if you eat the bad high sugar - high fat diet most poor people eat you will become fat.

I don't think I would call this extreme poverty though.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe in her next life, she'll be smart enough to not have children.

Cell phone and obesity notwithstanding... folks who have kids and then complain about poverty and/or cost of raising them are fracking morons.

Doo Doo Econ said...

If Americans cannot afford to have children, then we are extinct.

Left Coast Rebel said...

"Extreme" poverty doesn't know fat. Extreme poverty is rail-thin bodies and bloated bellies.

Dean said...

We have an extremely skewed definition of poverty in this country.

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