Herman Cain is an empty suit

This has been my position from the beginning (I was being too kind, actually, in attributing his lack of specifics to caginess; he actually doesn't know anything).

Glad to see it's catching on.

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Doo Doo Econ said...

I am supportive of the Caindidacy of Herman but have reservations. However, I have heard many absurd arguments against him of late in the vain of "he doesn't know anything."

The most absurd is that he doesn't understand economics. Few people have been miseducated enough by socialists to actually not understand economics. However, Cain was one of a board of people who decided half of America's economic policy at the Fed. You can hate the Fed, but it is a cornerstone of economics.

I know you are not making that argument, but the lady who did make that argument isn't worth the time to arguing with... 8)

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