Rasmussen: Americans want the gold standard!

This could be the issue that unites the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. It addresses both big government and the dirty banksters.


Superpollster Scott Rasmussen has pulled the pin and rolled one of his patented hand grenades under the chair of the Political Class. Rasmussen’s “October Surprise” is contained in a recent poll showing 44% of likely voters favor returning to the gold standard, 28% opposed. That intensifies. If the public knew that it would “dramatically reduce the powers of bankers and the political class to steer the economy” support goes up to 57%. Opposition drops to 19%.


The only solid majority opposition comes, unsurprisingly, from self-described members of the political class. If anybody picks up on this dynamic it could prove decisive in what remains a remarkably fluid field with early contests fast approaching.
So what we have is an education challenge. The more the public learns how fiat currency has enabled both government and Wall Street to run amok, the more they'll support a return to the gold standard. These pages are a good starting point. Tell a friend.


Independent Accountant said...

This is good news. However no real gold standard can be maintained as long as we have the Fed. If we kill the Fed, a real gold standard can be maintained.


Anonymous said...

Cat people, dog people

Chocolate people, vanilla people

Peanut butter people, jelly people

Coming together... warms the cockles of my heart....

You got my "Comments Cherry" WCV... I'll never forget you....

Shane Atwell said...

Excellent. Keep up the good work.

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