MSM viewers finally learn about Fast and Furious

Viewers of mainstream broadcast and cable news first heard this week about what those of us in the blogosphere have known for a year: the Obama Justice Department put thousands of semi-automatic weapons into the hands of drug cartels, purportedly to see where the weapons turned up, but more likely to create an urgency to impose more gun control in America (e.g. "90% of all drug murders in Mexico are committed with US-sourced weapons! We have to do this for the Mexican children!"). And that those guns have gone on to be used to kill countless Mexicans and at least one US Border Patrol Agent. And that since then, the Justice Department has blatantly lied to Congress about the program and is still to this day not coming clean.

Can you imagine the year-round, 24-hour coverage we would have seen if the Bush Administration had done that?

A regular listener of state-sponsored propaganda radio network NPR mentioned Fast and Furious to me yesterday. It was the first time she had heard of it. She didn't catch the whole segment, but one thing that NPR made clear was that George Bush had done the same thing (oops, NOT TRUE!!!).

Well, the MSM don't-look-at-the-giving-guns-to-Mexican-drug-cartels-and-then-lying-about-it-and-stonewalling thing is falling apart.

John Stewart is left-leaning (he once described himself as a socialist), but he's got more journalistic integrity than all of mainstream print, broadcast, and cable "news" networks combined. And he is where Generation X and Y get their news. His take on Fast and Furious is long overdue... but spot-on.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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Negocios Loucos said...

It's wonderfully ironic that you need to go to Comedy Central to get real analysis of political issues and Rolling Stone to get real analysis of Wall Street issues. The mainstream is very polluted and is absolutely horrible for your health. Fish over in these waters.

Happy Super Tuesday!