Walmart 25% cheaper than Vons

... in a W.C. Varones survey of a sample basket of goods:

Walmart Vons
Loose carrots 1.72 lb 0.86 1.70
Yellow onion 3 lb bag 2.28 2.99 1
Banana 2.89 lb 1.68 1.99
Whole grain bread 24 oz 2.58 3.49 2
Black beans 2 cans – 19.75 oz  1.96 2.47 3
Yeast – Fleischmann's jar 4.24 6.99
Kikkoman soy sauce – 40 oz 5.08 6.99
Mission Tortillas – 10 pack large 2.34 2.99
Cheddar cheese – 16 oz 4.23 4.99
Almond Breeze almond milk 2.88 2.99

TOTAL $28.13 $37.59

1 Vons organic, Walmart not 
2 20-ounce loaf $2.79 at Vons 
3 16-oz cans $1 at Vons

... and that's even with a lot of those items being on Vons Club Card specials. I'm amazed by the magnitude of the difference.

See the beautiful new Varonesville Walmart here.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Costco is good for Milk, cheese and boxes of snack bars. Von's meat sales are good. Trader Joes is sometimes better than Walmart for juices, bananas and eggs.

Negocios Loucos said...

Target did this in Walnut Creek when they opened their food store. Their prices were absurdly low. Then after about 6 months prices came up and they were on par with Safeway. Take a bath to steal market share and hope they don't notice the slow price increase.

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