Homeland Security Releases List of Watch Words

Over at GodfatherPolitics, we can see that the DHS has released its latest list of watch words. I have to assume that saying or emailing any of these words instantly puts you on their "Allowed to Bypass TSA Security Checks" list. And now, I'll attempt to get onto that very exclusive list by typing the word...."China"! Wow, that was awesome! Did I make it? What, no quotes allowed? Ok here's my 2nd attempt....China!

It took a Freedom of Information Act request and a lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center to get it, but Homeland Security has released its supposedly complete list of words that set off bells in the top secret caves of the DHS.
Among the obvious ones like Al Qaeda, terrorism and nuclear are some oddities like agriculture, incident, smart, Metro, snow and social media.
The keywords are included in the DHS’s Analyst’s Desktop Binder, which also instructs analysts to hunt down media reports that reflect poorly on the department.
Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/5390/homeland-security-releases-list-of-keywords-that-cheese-them-off/#ixzz1wYqUZcOv
 Media reports that reflect poorly on the TSA are "hunted down"? I'm glad that many of our smart, social media savvy, incident-avoidant, metro-sexual WC contributors are guilty of bad-mouthing the TSA (here, herehereherehere, and here, for starters), because that means this summer we'll all be cruising by you schmucks as you wait in line to be nudie-scanned! "Ruling Class", here we come!

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