Defining Terrorism

I'd usually be the first to use the word "terrorist" to describe a Muslim who tries to kill people while talking about the "will of Allah."

But this background story on the "Tar Heel Terrorist" is pretty persuasive. He's a loser who went postal because he was rejected socially. He's more like the Columbine kids or other high-school shooters than an Islamic terrorist.

Not that we shouldn't be concerned about individual acts of terrorism from Islamists. I am surprised we haven't seen suicide bombers at malls in America yet. Who can doubt that there are still at least a handful, if not hundreds, of dangerously radical fanatics among the 300 million people in the U.S.? And how difficult would it be to build a crude but effective explosive device? Hint: not very. That we haven't seen multiple incidents of individual terrorist attacks speaks volumes about the improved intelligence and security measures over the past few years.

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