The Great Anti-Realtor Conspiracy of 2007

Realtors have a God-given right to earn 6% commissions on every real estate transaction, no matter how inflated the purchase price. What's $60,000 to someone selling a home for $1 million? Please do your part to expose the anti-realtor conspiracy by the evil media, the government, and the banks:

National Association of Realtors

February 17 - 21
San Diego, CA

The Conspiracy to Put You Out of Business (N) (E)
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Blanche Evans, Editor, Realty Times, Dallas, TX
Take an intriguing look at the efforts of the financial press, the government, banks, and third-party service providers to dismantle real estate brokerage, state oversight, and the MLS for their own purposes. The media is being used to demonize brokers’ and agents' commissions. This talk concentrates on fighting back, with a strong defense of commissions in a world where every newspaper from the Wall Street Journal on down is calling for lower commissions.
As Housing Doom notes, this may be related to a larger conspiracy by the media to cause a panic about a housing bubble.

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