Impeach at the Beach!

Thanks to global warming, it was a lovely summer day at Ocean Beach. Hundreds, perhaps a thousand or two, turned up to spell out "IMPEACH!" in a media stunt.

The Code Pink ladies were out early with coffee. I tried to grab a cup, but they wanted a $1 donation to fund some march on Washington or something.

About an hour before show time, the crowds looked pretty sparse.

Twenty minutes before show time, the "A" in "IMPEACH!" still looked pretty thinly populated.

Fortunately, some people fill up more space than others.

"Bush thinks you're an idiot." Let's prove him right!

Tin Foil Hats out in force.

The local ABC 7 news chopper.

It wouldn't be a San Francisco freakshow without Crazy Chinese Business Suit Guy (dressed down a bit for the weekend).

Osama & George, two peas in a pod.

Unaware that Varones had the event covered, Bush sent a spy plane to monitor the dissidents.

There's an asshole in every crowd.

The Code Pink truck.


The stunt went well. Expect to see aerial shots in the newspapers and on ABC 7 tonight.

More nice pics here.

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