America -- &^%# yeah!!!

This is, as far as I know, a web exclusive, as I couldn't find it on YouTube or LiveLeak, and when I tried to upload it there, it was rejected.

It came to me in an e-mail from RD, with the following narrative (which sounds plausible but for whose authenticity I cannot vouch):
U.S. Airforce at Work
This is a video taken inside the cockpit of an A-10 by the pilot and it was a night view.

What you see is from 9700 feet away (almost two miles). The four terrorists had no clue there was someone watching them from almost 2 miles away. The A-10 was using a 30 mm cannon without injuring the dog nearby who escaped unharmed.

You can see the gun camera shake a bit as the pilot fires; then count about 4 seconds for the rounds to travel 2 miles.

The tenth round is a tracer,so the bullets you actually see are every tenth; they are getting hit with hundreds of rounds, but the dog is unscathed. Muzzle velocity on the 30mm is 2430 feet per second.

UPDATE: Apparently an Apache, not an A-10. Probably Army then too, not Air Force. Got to give the credit to the animal lovers in the right branch. Thanks Mike.

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