Greenspan's Body Count: The Old Man and the CU

In today's edition of Greenspan's Body Count, an elderly investment manager blew up the New London Security Federal Credit Union, apparently by investing its deposits in mortgage-backed securities. Apparently remorseful or embarrassed, he then killed himself.
Edwin F. Rachleff, the 82-year-old broker who handled the credit union's investments and who committed suicide on the day the institution was declared insolvent [...]

[President of the Credit Union League of Connecticut Anthony] Emerson did say, however, that credit unions are constrained by rules and regulations from making any sort of wild investments in the stock market. The one area that has become shaky lately but is not prohibited under the rules is investments in mortgage-backed securities, he added.

Young or old,
Big or small,
Alan Greenspan
Kills them all.

On a side note, does the name New London sound familiar? That's the town that stole Suzette Kelo's home in the Supreme Court eminent domain case.

Greenspan's Body Count now stands at thirty-seven:

Edwin F. Rachleff
Carlene Balderrama
Troy VanderStelt
Scott M. Coles
Dawn E. Armstrong
Thomas Lizotte
Jonathon Calvin "40-Cal" Jacques
Salvador X
Lupe X
Jade X
Little Boy X
Little Girl X
Kashmir Billon
Bill McMurtry

Lisa McMurtry
James Hahn
Raymond Donaca
Deanna Donaca
Michel Veillette
Nadya Ferrari-Veillette
Marguerite Veillette
Vincent Veillette
Mia Veillette
Jacob Veillette
Maurice Pereira
Natasha Pereira
Mark Achilli
Raed Al-Farah
Andrew Kissel
Rufus Shaw Jr.
Lynn Flint Shaw
Mr. Pierce
Walter Buczynksi
Marci Buczynski
Jason Washington

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