The Benefit of the doubt, and Biden

Before we go picking on Biden again (now there's one "change agent" who should be charging admission for the constant entertainment he's been providing us all these 36 years he's been in office), let's carefully consider all possible angles of the truth.

Maybe TV
HAD been invented in 1929 when the market crashed, but just wasn't yet available in all 57 states. Additionally, when FDR gave this alleged nationally-televised speech on the crash of the market, I bet hardly anyone bothered to tune in, because they were probably busy tuning into a technology that actually existed at the time, the RADIO, in order hear what their PRESIDENT, Mr. Hoover, was saying about the crash. But you've gotta wonder why FDR, who at the time was the 44th Governor of the state of New York, went to such lengths to give a speech to the entire country the day of the crash. Do you think his constituents in New York were offended that he was ignoring his subjects-uh-citizens of the Empire State, "going national" on them with another one of his monumental speeches?

Gosh, people have really changed since 1929. I mean, are
ANY of us even remotely interested in what the current governor of New York, David Paterson thinks about the crisis? I'm not. But if any of you happen to catch his major Financial-Crisis speech tonight on the DSTR (that's, of course, the Digital Synthetic Telepathy Receiver), and he happens to say anything important, please let me know. Anyway, I can't wait until 79 years from now, when Vice Presidential candidate Harry Pastignoranti refers to tonight's David Paterson speech.

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