WaMu ceases to be. It is no more.

I'm going to miss the khaki, blue shirt attire; they were a good bank. I did have an account with them that I closed last Saturday. They had excellent customer service and their employees did not deserve to end up in this situation.

But business is business. The shame is that Killinger walks away mega rich for having steered the ship right into an iceberg that fired torpedoes. (Yup hitting the Titanic/Lusitania reference again) I mean it’s people like Killinger, Fuld and Mozilo who really deserve 1 Chuck Norris roundhouse to the head. One is all that would be needed.

Here’s the obituary: Bloomberg

And this makes me think the Board of WaMu also deserve 1 or 2 round houses to the head depending on how many people were on the board:

WaMu in March rebuffed a takeover offer from JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon that WaMu valued at $4 a share.