ACORN's HQ raided by FBI !

The socialist group ACORN's HQ in Nevada were raided by the FBI. They found, amongst other things, voter registration lists with such fake names as "Tony Romo" and "Terrell Owens". BTW, Obama was ACORN's trainer and also lawyer in previous election fraud cases, which they were CONVICTED on! HERE's the link.
If this is the beginning of a "look-see" into some of the roots of this housing/credit crisis, then when will the FBI be hitting up Dodd, Raines, Johnson, Paulson, Bush?

Oh, Additionally, a close Illinois cohort (named Larry D. Walsh) of Obama's ALSO had his office raided by the FBI last week! Did anyone even hear a word about this? Does Obama's "Ayers, Rezko, Walsh, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Blagojevich, Frank Davis Marshal" list ever end?

Tony Rezko's sentencing has been delayed. It was to have taken place JUST before the election, but now will take place in December. Is this politics? Or is Rezko giving the Feds info on our corrupt governor Blagojevich? Well, the Fed prosecutor's office announced 2 weeks ago that they DO have enough info to Indict "Blago", but they will wait, and continue to amass evidence against him.
Do I have any "hope" that ANY of this information will make people think twice about Obama? No.

My humble opinion? I'm not considering this stuff as a "this party or that party" issue. It's a corruption issue. But I will add that, at this point, Obama seems to embody the very antithesis of my beliefs.

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