A Mercer Walnut Creek Update

Here at the WC we've been keeping track of an urban/suburban housing development in the heart of Walnut Creek (no relation), California, 25 miles from San Francisco. It's called the Mercer and the unintentional comedy is that they are advertising the sheekiest of city living in a suburban setting. So you are no where near the advantages that make SF unique but you get to pay SF prices. Oh and there's a $500 HOA fee.

This development has been complete for over a year now and still advertises that you better act quickly. And the poor bastards that did. See here...

Back in May this was the the advert:

And yesterday's advert:

Flex Credit?? Turns out that means - 'we're going to say the price is 445K when we actually mean its 415K.'

So if you got in in May at $530,000, you are already down 22%.

But act fast, prices like these are not going to last long!

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