Varones voters' guide to the California propositions

... well, not just the California propositions. Let's do the national stuff too.

President: Bob Barr (Libertarian). Barr is not an ideal candidate nor an ideal Libertarian. But the two major parties are responsible for the financial crisis we are in, and both candidates have Senate records supporting the policies that caused this crisis. Neither has any clue how to get out of this crisis. The empty suit is marginally worse than the grumpy old man, but a Libertarian vote is a protest vote that says you're not going to be a sheep anymore.

Senate: Libertarian if you're not in a competitive state, Republican if it is competitive. If the Democrats get a filibuster-proof 60 seats, we'll have one-party, Stalinist rule, and the first things on tap are massive Medicare expansion, taking away your 401(k), and getting rid of secret ballots in union organizing.

Congress: vote the incumbents out... unless they opposed the Wall Street bailout. List of Yeas and Nays here. My guy, Brian Bilbray, voted no. I harassed his office endlessly before the vote, so I kind of have to support him now that he did the right thing.

State Senate: Republican. The Democrats are dangerously close to a supermajority where they can ram through tax hikes, which is the last thing the dying California economy needs.

State Assembly: Republican. Ditto.

Now for the propositions:

Prop 1A - High speed train bonds:
No. Would be nice to have fast trains, but in case you hadn't noticed, California is broke.

Prop 2 - Farm animal welfare: Yes. If you want your factory-farmed meat to be raised in tiny boxes where the animals can't even move their whole miserable lives, you are a sick bastard. If you must eat meat, be a real man like Sarah Palin and kill it yourself.

Prop 3 - Children's Hospital Bonds: No. Did I mention that California was already broke?

Prop 4 - Parental notification for abortion: Yes. The school has to notify parents to give kids aspirin, but not abortions? Are you kidding?

Prop 5 - Drug treatment instead of jail for nonviolent offenses
No. Sounds good in concept, but this is not about drug offenses but about real crimes like burglary. I don't care if my neighbor smokes dope, but if he robs my house I want him locked up.

Prop 6 - More police and prison funding:
No. We already have too many police, as evidenced by the fact that they are harassing citizens for DWP. And did I mention that California is broke?

Prop 7 - Renewable energy: No. Expensive mandates on utilities that will drive utility bills higher and make little old ladies eat Alpo.

Prop 8 - Ban on gay marriage:
No. It's a simple matter of equal rights. A state marriage is not the same thing as a religious marriage. Your church won't be required to marry them. True, your children will be taught about gay marriage in public schools, but that's the least of your worries. Your children are already indoctrinated with left-wing propaganda by teachers who don't understand the first thing about the Constitution, individual liberty, or economics. Your children are being brainwashed into being leftist drones for the Democratic Party who will vote consistently for ever-expanding government programs and higher taxes. Accepting gay couples doesn't seem like such a big deal, now, does it?

Prop 9 - Victims' rights:

Prop 10 - Alternative fuel vehicle bonds: No. What part of "California is broke" do you not understand?

Prop 11 - Redistricting: Yes. California's districts are gerrymandered so that incumbents almost never lose. In 2006, moronic voters defeated a sensible redistricting plan. Let's see if they are moronic again. This one doesn't fix Congressional districts, but fixing state legislative districts is a start.

Prop 12 - Veterans bonds: No. California is BROKE.

That's how I see it. Your comments are welcome.

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