Bad day, mate -- Coogee Bay Gelato

Memo to self: don't EVER complain about the service in an Australian pub.
Stephen and Jessica Whyte and their three sons were served complimentary gelato dessert by Coogee Bay Hotel staff three weeks ago after complaining about food prices, facilities and staff attitude.

After eating the dessert Mrs Whyte became violently ill. A heated argument erupted with staff over the contents of the bowl. Distraught, the family took a sample of the gelato and had it tested at the National Measurement Institute. A report from the institute found: "The sample has an offensive odour and physical properties similar to human excreta."

Coincidentally, I used to live down the street from the Coogee Bay Hotel, and frequented it infrequently. I never tried the gelato, though.

HT: Wombat Dolphin.
Coogee Bay Gelato

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