1 Mile per Dollar is for Suckas

My primary purchasing device is my Citicard American Airlines Mastercard. I've used it since 1995 and have gotten a few flights out of it.

Citi just sent me a notice that they are raising my interest rate to 25%. I never carry a balance so that alone doesn't bother me. But I checked on my mileage accrual schedule and it turns out that American Airlines has drastically raised the miles required to earn flights. That and the bailouts that they are getting got me to give them a call and cancel my card. I am tens of thousands of miles away from the next flight so I might as well just get a card that gives a year end rebate like what HSBC offers.

I told the poor phone rep that I wanted to cancel my card. She asked why and I went off in a Walstreetpro sort of way, without the profanity. I stated that she probably shouldn't have a job right now if it weren't for the bailouts and yet the CEO just got a $10 million bonus. I asked her why shouldn't I cancel this card. She said, because we'll give you double miles. So now I get 2 miles for every dollar I spend.

I highly recommend giving a call to your credit card miles provider. And when the next bailout happens I'm going for 3 miles per dollar.

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