California is Doomed!

There are many reasons one could suggest that statement, and they are well documented on this Blog. I used to believe this was the future; I supported the conclusion that California was finished. Today I realized it is indeed a foregone conclusion. I went to the local Safeway to buy milk and OJ, and pick up some beer. A 22OZ. of Lagunitas IPA now costs $4.20!

So I went the register and asked WTF? The response was that there was an increase in a couple of taxes associated with beer.

Now here's what the dbag liberals don't understand because they don't understand math. They assume that I'll say, 'oh that's fine, here's my $4.20 + .05 deposit' for the bottle. What I actually said was FUCK THAT! I came home with only milk and OJ.

See IDIOT LIBERALS, when you raise taxes, I STOP BUYING. How does revenue increase when the tax increase reduces consumption? SU, maybe you can help me with the math? Please provide the readers with the model that supports an end result where raising taxes on consumption goods raises state revenues. Please try to use the mathematical base 10 system instead of such liberal abstracts as hope + happy = success.

See Sacramento you are reducing the little things that make people happy in order to pay for your corruption. Once the little things are gone, and happiness is destroyed.......we'll I'm sure you'll just say 'let them eat cake.'

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