Texas RINO Massacre

Not only is Tea Party / Club for Growth / Ron Paul candidate Ted Cruz beating establishment RINO David Dewhurst in the Senate primary, but RINO incumbents are getting thumped in early results all over the state legislature races.

State Senate District 25: Donna Campbell over incumbent Jeff Wentworth.

State Representative District 59: J.D. Sheffield over committee chairman Sid Miller.

State Representative District 11: Travis Clardy over party-switcher Chuck Hopson.

State Representative District 43: Bill Wilson over incumbent and party-switcher J.M. Lozano.

It feels good to be a teabagger!

More background on the races here.


Dean said...

What? No Friedman tribute. ;)

W.C. Varones said...

Uncle Miltie deserves far better than I can write tonight, so allow me to direct readers here.

Shane Atwell said...

This is fantastic.

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