Maybe it's just me

... but I'm less concerned with the "God" in the DNC platform than with the fascism in the DNC platform.

Anybody else feel the same?


Dr. Diggler said...

You're going to make us read forty pages to figure out what you're talking about?

SarahB said...

Right there with you. But the fake God part does give me the heebie jeebies.

B-Daddy said...

The Democrats can barely be bothered with faking a respect for the institutions that underpin the nation's real strength, the culture of its people. I am more worried about the fascism as well; but the complete unmooring from the history and traditions of the nation are part of the culture that leads to the acceptance of statism. Religion is a powerful counterweight to a culture of government power, because it posits a moral relationship between mankind and God that predates government and exists outside of the reach of government. This is why dropping God was more significant than you may want to believe. It is a sure sign that the Democrat party is becoming more comfortable with adapting the philosophies of religion hating regimes down through the ages that were the worst oppressors the planet has ever known.

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