September 11

Just as the financial crisis gave central planners an excuse to destroy capitalism and replace it with a Federal Reserve-manipulated farce, September 11 gave them an excuse to gut the Bill of Rights and have TSA goons grope us for the crime of trying to move about the country.

Remember folks, they hate us for our freedoms. That's why we had to get rid of them.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Well, you have more courage than I. This morning I tweeted "Remebering 9/11 and an America that mourned the attack on our financial system." You put specifics to the sentiment!

Anonymous said...

The lasting tragedy of 9/11 is the damage that the unscrupulous fear mongers at TSA have done to our rights and values. They co-opt 9/11 to justify their existence and abuses even though over half of their screeners were working for the private security firms when it happened.

Nearly a million people died defending the liberties that are now being stripped away in the name of safety without really providing any value. It is disgraceful that the government that is supposed to defend the Constitution is complicit in its destruction and that Americans dishonor the fallen by acquiescing to this.

Granting unbounded authority to TSA and it bureaucrates has led to wide spread and recurrent abuse of innocent airline passengers and their children. There have been thousands of reports of excessive and punitive searches that are amount to nothing more than gratuitous harassment of innocent people.

TSA operates with complete immunity and there a no consequences for abusing their authority. TSA is currently the sole arbiter of complaints leaving no avenue of redress for those who have been harmed by the agency.

It is unacceptable for any agency to be authorized to act contrary to the Constitution and the law. Both TSA and DHS need to be dismantled and their duties assigned to responsible and accountable agencies subject to strict Congressional and judicial oversight.

TSA has done more damage to our way of life and human rights than Al Qaeda could ever have hoped to do and Pistole and Napolitano have been their accomplices.

Wcv said...

What he said!

Negocios Loucos said...

I think Anon's comment should be pasted in the body of the post. Well stated!

Happy Super Tuesday!