How Phil Spector and a talentless limey hack screwed Darlene Love out of fame and forture

Mish has the story of how perennial Letterman singer Darlene Love got screwed out of fame and fortune by Phil Spector (better known for being a psycho killer) and the "British Invasion."
Phil Spector (the producer for the Crystals, Ronettes, etc.) promised Love that He's a Rebel as well as follow-up singles would be released under her name, but Spector reneged on that promise and instead released all of Love's hits under the Crystals name.

In 1964 the "British Invasion" began (Beatles, Herman's Hermits, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, etc.). The "British Invasion" coupled with the "Surf Sound" (Beach Boys), and the "Motown Sound" (Supremes, Temptations, etc.), marked the end of the line for the traditional girl groups from the early 60's. Darlene Love never got the recognition she deserved.
Watch Darlene Love on Letterman here:

You know who was part of the "British Invasion?" This guy:

With all the good will this time of year, you know how hard it is to write a bad Christmas song? I can think of one bad Christmas song, McCartney: yours.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

Really, McCartney? That pathetic line that could have been written by a third-grader is your contribution to the holiday? I hope you get dumped by a one-legged gimp.


Dean said...

Good lord, that IS a dreadful song. Merry Christmas!

K T Cat said...

Ok, that was hideous, childish dreck. Live and Let Die, however, earns him a lifetime free pass. :-)

K T Cat said...

So I found myself singing that ghastly McCartney song after reading this post. It was definitely stuck in my head.

There's only one way to clean something that horrible from your brain:

Mind draino.

Anonymous said...

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wcv said...

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