Constitution, Smostitution

To keep with our obese theme, and I can't believe I beat Uncle to the punch, this was posted on Yahoo. FATTIES

Now this article hits home for 2 reasons: 1. I have a degree in Urban Planning and 2. they site the city of my birth, Arcata.

To point 1 - This is blatantly unconstitutional. I am all for healthier foods and the encouragement of health conscious movements using tax incentives, public awareness campaigns, etc. But I strenuously oppose that which has been deemed illegal by the constitution. You can not restrict certain establishments from areas they are qualified to be. They will lose in court and will waste a lot of tax payer money in the process. I get the point but let's use legal means to be healthier.

And what about the places that are already there?

Point 2 - those 9 fast food restaurants are the most profitable in the United States I PROMISE YOU. (inhale) dude, taco bell? (cough, cough)

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