Secret Courts - USSA

Senate Passes Spy Plan That Ends Phone Company Suits

July 9 (Bloomberg) -- The Senate gave final congressional approval to legislation that overhauls U.S. electronic spying and ends lawsuits against telephone companies that aided government wiretapping of suspected terrorists.....

...(Obama supports it)

The legislation would require President George W. Bush's terrorist surveillance program to be supervised by a secret court that has overseen foreign-intelligence gathering for 30 years. The measure, approved by the House last month, goes to Bush, who said he will sign it soon.

Secret Courts? That doesn't seem very American. And is there anything more USSR then the way they had people disappear because of their secret courts. Is this even constitutional?!?

Seriously, the representatives of the people are voting to take away the liberties of the people. Am I the only one that thinks that the ideal of America is disappearing? The new America is about telling you you are free as your freedom is reduced.

I wonder what they will call the Statue of Liberty in 20 years? Abu Dubai New York Harbour monument probably.

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