Kleptocrats - King County

Bill Bonner used the term 'kleptocrat' in his Daily Reckoning posting on Monday referring to our nations governing individuals. I experienced a good example of that after renting a car in Seattle for 1 week. I didn't know the total bill until now because at least at Budget when you drop the car off you just leave it there and walk away. No one gives you a receipt or says have a nice flight. So I was shocked to see a charge on my credit card for $501.22 for a car that I was paying a rate of $290.99 plus the $76 gas prepay(our flight was at 6am, didn't want to mess with finding a gas station). So I asked for the break down and wanted to share here:

Rate: 290.00
Airport Concession Recovery Fee 11.11%: 40.80

Sales Tax 9%: 29.86
Vehicle License Recoup Fee/ Cust Facility Fee: 31.15
Rental Tax 9.7%: 32.18
Fuel Prepay: 76.24

So that's $133.99 in taxes and fees. I wouldn't mind a law that required companies to quote the total price and not just an asterisks stating 'does not include fees and taxes'. I'll pay closer attention next time.

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