AIG Letter to a Congresswoman

I know, I know, why write my representative when clearly she illustrates a 4th grade intellect? I don't know, I like to make believe we live in a democratic republic. We clearly don't but without this sort of expression I think my head would explode. So this is what I wrote and I'm sure the response will be something about keeping people in their homes.

Dear Representative Tauscher,

The Treasurer of the United States of America just did something illegal. He committed US money to a private firm without the consent of Congress. What he did is socialistic at the very least. I would say it's more communist.

Congresswoman Tauscher Treasurer Paulson should be arrested. Are you going to act under the laws of congress or are you going to join in this communist regime's effort to steal from the taxpayer to give to Wall Street?

Henry Paulson is very much like Hugo Chavez. Chavez took over the oil industry and the cement industry in Venezuela; Paulson is taking over Wall Street. What's the difference between the two??? We rightly vilify Chavez. Why are we allowing that sort of behavior to exist in the United States?

Please answer this question - if Congress doesn't control how our tax money is spent then who does? And a follow up question - are you a communist too?


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