Fun With Religious Zealots

Hey, want to have fun with some Democrat, or Republican, zealot? Here's how, for the Obama koolaid drinkers.

When you are walking into Whole Foods, one of the few, close retailers of the excellent(!) Arrogant Bastard Ale, and some Demoscum zealot asks you if you would like to register to vote, IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT? Ask them why their party is proposing the destruction of everything American.

And as she walks away to recruit other Jim Jones deciples, remind HER (as it was a she in my case) that they are actually traitors of the United States of America. Remind her how Chucky Schumer, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi are systematically working to destroy America so they can adopt everything Venezualian. Remind her how Dodd and Frank have profited millions by taking donations from the Wall Street scum they are bailing out. Remind her that Dodd couldn't even remember the content of a bill he "authored", that Bank of America actually wrote, that in effect bailed out Bank of America and their criminal midget tanned step child Countrywide.

Listen, just thinking out loud here, do you think in 30 years people will be wearing tee shirts with the face of Senator Dodd or Represenative Frank like they wear the face of Che Guevara today? Here's a question, which one was more of a criminal? Che murdered many while Dodd and Frank are destroying an entire nation.

Zealots are zealots and it's a race between Schumer, Dodd, Cox and Paulson for the Communist of the year award. It just scares me that these religious zealots appear about as intelligent as the spiders that infest my attic.

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