Pics from Prop 1A Tax Protest - Tom's Farms, Corona, May 16

It was a blazing hot sunny afternoon at Tom's Farms. The crowd was definitely in the thousands, but I doubt it got to 10,000. I could be wrong. Traffic was backed up on I-15 with people trying to get in. Let's start with a video of KFI's John and Ken getting to the heart of the matter (toward the end of the rally):

Now in more or less chronological order. The "doors opened at 3pm" with the official start at 4pm. I arrived at 3:00 and we were already into the overflow parking lots. On the way in:

While the vast majority of the signs were anti-1A, anti-Schwarzenegger, anti-tax, and anti-spending, there were a few folks supporting related issues such as stopping illegal immigration and legalizing marijuana. This guy and his buddies were partying it up in a prime parking spot at the entrance to the event.

Before the storm:

The good folks at Recall Anthony Adams were set up early:

And in front of the next booth, someone with a creative "Arnold is 1A-hole" message talks to Colleen of TotalRecall2009:

The Shredex truck, into whose shredder many Schwarzenegger likenesses were fed:

I didn't notice him at the time, but there's a sheikh in the crowd:

Righteous indignation at Schwarzenegger's terrorist threats:

Capitalism in action (though at that price, they're probably selling like Government Motors cars):

A little irony here. The bumper sticker supports Nathan Fletcher, a Republican weenie legislator who supported the backroom tax-hike deal.

This lady was a real artist. Side 1:

And side 2:

A naked, upside down Schwarzenegger effigy was used as a piƱata for kids to smash to pieces...

... followed by a clothed, right-side-up effigy, which was also smashed to pieces.

One of the lucky many to catch a free T-shirt being thrown into the crowd by KFI staff:

This guy made good use of a sign from Schwarzenegger's original campaign. And there's that sheikh again. Is he following me?

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