Your tax dollars at work

$46,791 in California job training funds going to a porn producer to teach porn stars how to torture each other more effectively in S&M videos. (CONTENT WARNING!)

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Indeed, the porn producer is a legal business, an employment provider, and a taxpayer. If the state and federal governments are handing out billions of dollars in pork programs, pornographers have as much of a right as anybody to apply.

That's the problem with government programs. The legislators who create the programs and the bureaucrats who implement them are not as clever or as motivated as the millions of people who figure out ways to exploit the programs for their own gain.

Job training scams are a drop in the bucket. The big dollars are in defense and other government contracts and Medicare and Medicaid abuse. And just wait until the scammers dig into the details on Obama's trillion-dollar porkulus bill.

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