Investors Outside the USA LOVE OBAMA!

In Europe and Asia, 87 percent of respondents say they view Obama positively, compared with just 49 percent in the U.S. His standing among American investors is even lower on economic matters: only a quarter of U.S. poll respondents rate his economic policies as “good” or “excellent,” compared with more than half in Europe and Asia.

No way! You mean foreigners love Obama because he is allowing the Fed to commit $500 BILLION dollars in currency swaps. That is to risk $500 billion of taxpayer money without the approval of congress. That used to be illegal according to the constitution but then this used to be a democracy.
Check out Alan Grayson grilling Bernanke:

By the way, isn't it just a little scary that the Chairman of the House Finance Committee(3:38) doesn't know the year the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law. He believes it was 1914. I believe he's an idiot but I guess I could be wrong as well.

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